Liste de vidéos pour apprendre l'anglais en ligne

Curious Droid : How Dangerous is Deep Space Travel to Mars and Beyond ?
NASA has a mission protocol which says that if a Low Earth Orbit mission increases the lifetime risk of the crew getting cancer by more than 3% they won’t go ahead with it but the upcoming mars missions may expose the crews to levels that would be beyond that limit and other hazards, so how dangerous is deep space travel to Mars and beyond.
Durée : 8 min
Curious Droid : La plus grosse fusée conçue
La Sea Dragon est la plus grosse fusée qui à été conçue.
Durée : 7 min
Curious Droid : La lune avant Apollo
The Apollo landings from 1969 to 1972 marked a high point in lunar exploration but Apollo didn’t just rock up on to the moon out of the blue, it took many, many missions by probes and landers over the preceding years to establish if we could send men to the moon and get them back.
Durée : 10 min
Curious Droid : How much faster is a supercomputer than a PC or iPad Pro
If you need to model things like the worlds weather, nuclear reactions, molecular dynamics or simulate the first few seconds after the big bang, you’re going to need some pretty serious computing power but just how much more powerful are the top 10 supercomputers compared to the PC on your desktop or the latest iPad Pro for example.
Durée : 9 min
Curious Droid : 7 inventions qui ont changé le monde
If any one of these 7 Inventions that changed the world had not occurred, our modern world would look very different to how we see it today.
Durée : 14 min
The Ellen Show : with Briteney Spears
Ellen’s Pet Dish with Britney Spears
Durée : 3 min
The Ellen Show : Simone Biles Gets a Scare!
The record-setting Olympic gymnast shared some exciting firsts with Ellen and got quite the fright!
Durée : 4 min
The Ellen Show : Tell Me Something Good
The Ellen Show : Ellen rounded up some news that'll make you smile!
Durée : 3 min
Rob Delaney Talks His Kids, and Carrie Fisher
The hilarious star of "Catastrophe" told Ellen about raising his kids across the pond, and what it was like working with the legendary Carrie Fisher.
Durée : 4 min
Humour, fausses conversations au téléphone 6 - Disneyland
Vous n'aimez pas quand une personne parle très fort, près de vous au téléphone. Pire encore quand cette personne s'introduit dans votre conversation. Situations comiques parlées en anglais et partiellement sous-titré en anglais.
Durée : 3 min

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